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  • Masterseal Aqualoq
    Masterseal Aqualoq
    No Wax - No Mess - No Corrosion
    No more water damages to floor below
  • Masterseal Aqualoq

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Masterseal from Aqualoq - Never seen!

No leak membrane with toilet seal.
Never before has it been so simple to change a water closet gasket seal for the seasoned plumbing professional and novice do-it-yourself handyman alike.

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Canada - U.S. - Mexico

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Masterseal from Aqualoq

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About Masterseal Aqualoq

Why choose Masterseal from Aqualoq over any other toilet seal?

  • Wax does not stand up to heat, making it a poor choice for use with radiant heated flooring.
  • Masterseal® is made of rubber and will not break down.
  • If there is a main line backup, wax will not hold much head pressure and is likely to fail.
  • Masterseal® provides a water and airtight connection between the water closet and the sanitary drainage system.
  • Any time the flange is lower than the finished, you need to stack multiple wax rings, unless the flange is installed "over" the floor.
  • Masterseal® extended discharge neck will make a positive secure connection regardless of the floor flange height.
  • Each time the toilet is removed, a new wax seal is needed.
  • Masterseal® Wax Free Seal can be removed and reinstalled with the same Masterseal® wax free toilet seal.
  • Wax seal removal is a sticky and messy job.
  • Masterseal® wax free is clean, quick and easy to install or remove.
  • Impervious to mold and mildew.
  • Masterseal® centers itself and toilet to the drain.
  • Masterseal® all in one will, with the added membrane, cover the hole from where the sanitary pipe passes, preventing water leakage down to the floor below.

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