Questions about Masterseal of Aqualoq
No leak Membrane with toilet seal.

Q.1: Is the Masterseal reusable?

Yes. The toilet can be removed and reinstalled as needed with the same Masterseal and according to our installation guidelines.

Q.2: Can the Masterseal be installed on any floor mounted toilet?

Yes. Our universal design is made to fit all floor mounted toilets.

Q.3: Will radiant floor heating damage the Masterseal?

No. The Masterseal is ideal for in-floor radiant heat installations because it is not wax based so it will not melt or decay.

Q.4: What is needed to install this seal?

The only tools needed to install a Mastersealis a silicone gun to apply silicone under the seal (refer to our installation guide) an adjustable wrench to remove and tighten toilet nuts and a utility knife to trim the excess from the toilet base once it is installed.

Q.5: How does the Masterseal compare to other traditional wax and wax free installations?

  • Our Masterseal is a no fuss no mess installation;
  • It is made to with stand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as +40 degrees Celsius so does not melt or freeze;
  • It can be reused;
  • The Masterseal does not decay with time and prevents mold and mildew buildup;
  • It provides a strong , secure and leak free seal;
  • Centers itself and the toilet to the drain;

Q.6: How does the Mastersea l prevent water damage to lower floors?

Our all in one Masterseal with membrane does that job! The innovative Masterseal design covers the hole from where the drain pipe comes through preventing overflow water from causing costly damages to the floors below which neither the traditional wax seal or other the wax free seals do.

Q.7: Is the Masterseal installed over the finished floor or under the finished floor?

Our Masterseal is installed once the finished floor has been laid down.

Q.8: Why do you have an extended discharge?

The extended discharge will come in handy if you are using a toilet flange extension. The waste will be directed into the drain with no contact to the floor flange extension.

Q.9: Is the Masterseal recyclable?

YES. It is produced from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Q.10: What is the Masterseal made of?

What is the Masterseal made of? Our Masterseal is made of a proprietary blend of rubber and silicone providing you with flexibility and durability for easy installation and a long term solution.

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